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Drug Endangered Children

A drug endangered child is defined as any child who is living in an environment where adults are manufacturing, selling, and/or abusing any drug, including alcohol.  


A report from the Spokane County's Drug Endangered Children Project reported that children whose parents abuse drugs and alcohol are three times more likely to be abused and four times more likely to be neglected. Neglect of children often occurs in the form of lack of food and an inattention to the child's medical, dental, hygiene, and emotional needs. Another problem is lack of proper supervision, which results in similar neglect issues and increases the risk of physical injury and sexual abuse.

The Drug Endangered Children Presentation is a one-hour free training that provides information on the dangers that children are exposed to when they are in drug trafficking, manufacturing, substance abusing environments. This presentation will educate you on child abuse and neglect from drugs, how drug impact our children. It addresses Native American drug endangered children issues, prenatal drug exposure, drug manufacturing and children, childhood trauma from drug exposure, the role of grandparents with drug endangered children, how to form a Drug Endangered Children Team, and Washington State laws that protect our youngest victims of substance abuse.

The Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council is proud to be a member of the Washington State Drug Endangered Children Alliance and has staff who are certified to conduct the National Drug Endangered Children Presentation, a separate presentation from the Community Presentation described above.

Contact GSSAC's Prevention Center 509-922-8383 to schedule a presentation for your group or for more information.

Prenatal Drug Exposure

A free one-hour training that will cover the trends and rates of prenatal drug exposure in Washington State. This training will provide you information on types of drugs being seeing in hospitals, infant withdrawal from meth and prescription opiates, and the laws pertaining to prenatal drug exposure. 


Each year in Washington State there are approximately 12,000 babies born who have to face the hardship of drug withdrawal when they are first born. This training will provide information on the different types of drug testing used, and the signs and symptoms of cocaine, meth, prescription drugs, and other drug exposure concerns.

To bring this training to your group, call GSSAC's Prevention Center 509-922-8383.