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The Washington State Rx Watch Community Presentation

The Washington State WA Rx presentation is designed to educate the community on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. This free presentation was designed for Washington State with up-to-date trends on commonly abused prescription drugs. Stimulants, depressants, and opiates are addressed along with sources of these prescription drugs.


The history of opiates and how prescription opiate abuse is driving first-time heroin use in our state is presented. Participates will learn how to identify the signs of prescription drug abuse, Rx drug paraphernalia identification, and ways to secure prescription drugs in the home. 


Prescription drug abuse is a driving force behind our crime rate in Washington State as we lead the nation in pharmacy robberies. This presentation will educate and inform you on how to properly secure your prescription drugs and will alert you to some of the signs and warnings of potential prescription drug abuse. The presentation is one hour long but, upon request, it can be made shorter. GSSAC also provides a free four-hour train-the-trainer course where individuals can become a certified WA Rx presenter.


To Bring This Training to Your Group, Call:
GSSAC's Prevention Center 509-922-8383

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