Washington Drug Free Youth (WDFY)

WDFY is a voluntary drug testing program of the Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council's (GSSAC) Prevention Center Washington is the 22nd state to offer a Drug-Free Youth Program. There are currently 19 youth-led chapters in Spokane County schools.

WDFY offers youth, in grades 6-12, an incentive to become or remain drug-free through positive reinforcement by giving them the opportunity to participate in fun activities and receive discounts from local merchants. Businesses benefit from having drug free youth programs in the community. We are growing a drug free workforce.  Click here for a current list of WDFY merchant supports.

WDFY members are drug free and prove it by voluntarily submitting to random drug tests throughout their membership.

WDFY offers a chance for the community to become involved in the lives of youth and encourages program supporters and their families to attend WDFY activities, events, and community service projects.

WDFY can be added as a complement to an existing program or club in middle and high schools, and community or civic youth clubs.

WDFY receives its testing through generous donations from PAML (Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories). WDFY is also partially supported by the Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area grant.

WDFY collaborates with Idaho Drug-Free Youth (I.D.F.Y.), with over 4000 members, and has reciprocal agreements with sponsoring merchants that allow our members to use their photo I.D. cards to receive discounts in both states!

WDFY sponsors occasional regional activities. Chapters are encouraged to provide their members with regular meetings to plan fun activities, awareness events and community service opportunities.



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