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DUI Panel / 24 HR:

24-Hour DUI Education Jail Alternative Program

What is it?

An innovative "one stop" approach to comply with court ordered requirements for impaired driving related convictions while successfully raising awareness for those who can learn and benefit from prevention education.

Who can participate in this program?

Participants who have completed a current alcohol/drug evaluation showing: "No Significant Problem" or "Abuse." An attendee must be authorized by the court for the 24 Hour Jail Alternative program or for "alternative confinement."  Currently Geiger has restricted court ordered participants to serving only 24 hours in this program due to COVID 19 guidelines.


How does someone get into this program?

By receiving a referral from their probation department per court order after pleading as charged or to a reduced charge.


What is the cost of this program?

The program fee is $275 payable by cash, money order, credit or debit card only.  There is a $15 discount for cash or money order payment.  A person's space is only confirmed upon payment in full.


Why should a person do this?

Compliance with most court requirements will be met with the completion of the 24 Hour Program.  Cost savings are realized by not having to pay the cost of and complete the 8 hour Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS), attend the DUI Victims Panel, and serve 24 hours in jail on separate orders. While the participant does spend 24 hours at the program site, no time in the actual jail is involved.   This is a positive option to learn from your mistake while fulfilling what the Court has ordered be done.

What happens now?

After going to court, see Probation Services for your referral. (If you haven't done your evaluation, get that lined up right away!) Call GSSAC at 922-8383 for a registration appointment.



  • Volunteer DUI Panel and Recovery Speakers

  • Spokane County District/Municipal Courts
    and Probation Services

  • Airway Heights Municipal Court and Probation Department

  • Cheney Municipal Court and Probation Department

  • Medical Lake Municipal Court and Probation Department

  • Chemical Dependency Professional/Alcohol/Drug Information School Instructor

  • New Horizon Care Centers

  • Spokane County Prosecutor's Office

  • Spokane County Jail Releasing

  • Geiger Corrections Center


The 24 Hour Jail Alternative offers several educational components to reinforce and enhance the 24-hour mandatory sentence. Educational components include:

Probation Presentation (1 hour): A presentation relating to the probation process, obligations, and resources available to defendants. Sentencing & Commitment Form and a Cost Exercise is included in this presentation. Time is allotted for discussion/questions and answers.

Prosecution Presentation (.75 hours): A presentation relating to the escalating sanctions for impaired driving offenses. Review of the Sentencing Grid.   Time is allotted for discussion/questions and answers.

Alcohol & Drug Information School (8 hours): This state-required course addresses the effects of alcohol and drug use on the offender, family members, and society. Topics include: Alcohol/Other Drugs and Their Effects; Use, Abuse and Addiction; Laws and Consequences; Substance Use and Relationships; and Decision Making and Personal Change Plan. Pre- and post-testing is completed by all participants. Time is allotted for discussion/questions and answers.

Addiction & Recovery Overview (1 hour): Two personal presentations relating to addiction, legal consequences, recovery, and the effects on family, work, and health. Time is allotted for discussion/questions and answers.

DUI Victims Panel Presentation (1.5 to 2 hours): Presentations consist of victim impact statements, personal stories, and slide presentations. Time is allotted for discussion with questions and answers.

Click here for 24 Hour Jail Alternative dates


24 Hour DUI Education Jail Alternative Program is facilitated by the
Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council (GSSAC) in partnership with Geiger. 



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